Day 87-95: Summer Solstice

I’ve been silent on here as I had a few friends in town last week from Australia and while I made sure to get all 108 sun salutations completed every day – it was important for me to enjoy the present moment. We went for hikes, had dinner parties and I got to be a tourist in my own city. Mattress even did salutations with me in the evening! Not to worry, his parents are good people, this is his camp name and the only name that I can call him.  Our week was a mixture of excitement and relaxation. Aussies are notorious for knowing how to work hard and play hard – it was a good reminder for me.

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Family photo op

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Saturday was the Summer Solstice – YAY Happy Summer!! – and typically the only day that sane people do 108 Sun Salutations! I joined thousands of Indy yogis on Monument Circle that morning and we flowed through a really beautiful yoga practice lead by several local yoga teachers. To share this incredible prana energy with so many conscious human beings was nothing short of amazing!

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indy LOVE

After we all flowed together, the energy was pulsating and I decided to ride this pranic wave and set up my yoga mat and flowed through my remaining 108 sun salutations and then sat in meditation with happy bubbly Indy yogis buzzing all around me and hoop dancers and drum circles sharing the most delicious rhythms. It was the best that I have felt in a really really long time! I realize more now than ever, how important it is to create a vibrant loved filled energy in our yoga practice. For me, a large part of building that energy is through the vibrations of a community.


I am in the process of creating a really fun 108 Sun Salutation Celebration where I am collaborating with several local yoga teachers who I have invaluable relationships with and I am SO excited to share this with you!

We are still working out the details, but I will be announcing more soon!!

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Album cover

While my 108th day will be July 12th, the 108 Sun Salute Celebrations will be in August or September. My vision of a 108 sun salutation practice is to create an experience for the student and with my upcoming move, I’ll need the extra few weeks to settle in so that I can be 100% present during this powerful practice and be able to share with you more fully!  I will have more details later this week.


Ok, good night for now. Big love to you!!