Day 74-76: Samskara (YOUR truth)

This weekend was a great one! It was filled with a major dance party, slow-flow yoga classes and yoga workshops. I had a reiki treatment where my chakras were balanced and cleared out and then filled up with vibrational healing from crystal singing bowls. I prepared and enjoyed nutritious meals, got plenty of sleep and ate chocolate for dinner. It was a decedent weekend, and for the first time in a long time – I feel more connected.

Everything that I did this weekend, brought me a little closer to my truth and my understanding of it.

It’s amazing what can happen when I clear my schedule and allow a little space for divine intervention to participate in my grand plan.

One major theme from this 108 Sun Salute project has been the necessity to LET GO. I have some deep seeded samskaras that tell me I need to go go go in order to achieve my goals. I’ve been trained to believe the only way to success and happiness is to work really really hard at it.

Samskaras, as I understand them, are imprints or truths that we have experienced in our past that we hold true even when they no longer serve us. They are often created as a way of protection and often happen when we are young and are learning of the world around us. They can be as simple as someone complimenting you on your curly hair and therefore associating curly hair as the only way of beauty. Or someone telling you that you are “always so nice” and as an adult, hating when people describe you as nice. Your ideas of perfection, and ambition, expectations of how relationships should be and how the world works is all a samskara. Our sense of self-worth is deeply seeded with Samskaras.

Often, our body image is a direct correlation with a samskara. In our society, we have been conditioned to think we need to change SOMETHING about our appearances. Our hair color, the darkness of our skin, what we layer on our bodies and how big or small our bodies are, is a pattern of samskara. Who made up these rules and why are we following them?

What if, in this very moment, you looked down at your body and loved it for exactly what it is? Every single part of it. Inside and out. Go ahead. Try it.

Repeat after me – I am perfect just as I am.  I am whole.  I am special.  I am worthy.

It’s sometimes easy to say it, but the challenge is to find that samskara that told you otherwise, face it and change the pattern. Often, our most potent samskaras are the ones that are blocking us from our own truth.

What record do you play over and over again in your head? What truths do you hold onto even when they no longer serve you? Can you remember an exact moment when your samskara was implanted? Can you go back to that time and forgive that person or experience, find healing and reshape your truth so that it serves you better? What negative patterns can you identify and unweave?

I personally have a whole list of samskaras that I need to work through. Ideas that I have on how the world should operate around me and how I should operate in the world. Some of these still hold true and some of them no longer serve me. Many of them, I get confused as to whether they are actually true or not. It’s a process. I however, know that I need to change my way of thinking and break free of patterns in order to reach my full potential.

Is there something that is blocking you from true happiness? Who defined what true happiness looks like for you? Are you speaking YOUR truth? Are you living YOUR truth?

I lovingly acknowledge your truth may be different from mine. I stand strong in what I know is true for me and pray that our truths converge in a constructive manner that will only bring about more love and understanding.

So much love to you! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a very relaxing, decedent, love filled evening!