Day 47 – 52: Thank YOU!

this chick doesn't bring the party, she IS the party!

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!!

This week has been crazy, but what’s new?

Can I get an “Amen!”?

It started off a little rough, but is ending fabulously!  I guess Mondays (and Tuesdays) are meant to keep us on our toes! I’ll put it on my list of things to work on 🙂 My new Monday Mantra could be…  “Monday’s aren’t evil.” “Monday’s are the beginning to something GRAND.” “Mondays lead to FRIDAAAAAYS!!!”   Ha!! It’s 5:00 and I am finished with today’s salutations – YAY!! – I have a cold beer in my hand and I may or may not be tipsy off half a bottle and this is quite possibly the epitome of Happy Hour!

This is going to be quick but I just wanted to send my gratitude out to YOU FINE FOLKS for all your love and support throughout this campaign! Because of YOU, this week I was able to write a big check for $450.50 to Peace Learning Center in support of their peace education programs in our city!!! Thank YOU thank you THANK YOU!!! For years and years and years, I have wanted to donate money and support an organization that is near and dear to my heart and I never have the funds to do so. I’ve given small donations here and there, which I know “every dollar counts” and I know this NOW more than ever but I’ve never been able to donate $450 and $.50 to a local charity and that has made my heart swell to unimaginable proportions!

And this isn’t just any charity. Over the past couple months since I have been in connection with Peace Learning Center, I have grown to love more and more of what they do. They are truly devoted to bring conflict resolution through peace education to our community and their arms stretch WIDE! There is so much passion and so much devotion to our community and they not only teach communication and resolution techniques to a variety of people in our city, but spending time in Alternative schools with Naeema, JT and Stacy and watching how they interact with each other and with the students, they live what they teach. There is so much love and so much respect to each other, it is palatable. The kids see it too and they emanate the same respect back to these gorgeous people and it is the most wonderful thing to witness!

I have a whole blog post waiting to share with you about my experiences at Positive Support Academy, an IPS Alternative School aka a “school to prison system” – a term I had never heard before. It was eye opening and such a wonderful experience! Stay tuned!!

Again, I just wanted to THANK YOU for your sweet words of encouragement and all your generous donations to help fund my dreams of reaching into the community while aiding my dreams of going to India. I know the experiences I am having today will most definitely enrich my passion of reaching people through Yoga Therapy in helping them to find ways to cope with the day to day struggles we all face from time to time.
I can’t say it enough – THANK YOU!!

this chick doesn't bring the party, she IS the party!
this chick IS the party

Warmest of Love, Stephanie