Day 38 – 40: Day 40!!!

PS how cute are these girls?! One may be a boy... hens aren't suppose to crow

I’m not sure why, but typing in “Day 40” felt incredible!! I’m not actually done with day 40’s sun salutations, I still have a gazillion to do but it’s 8:00 and I just got home from a super long day of cleaning houses and meetings and coffee with girlfriends – life is so hard 🙂 – and I need to sit down for a minute before showering and completing the rest of my 108 sun salutes AND it’s been a while since I have written.

This past weekend WIPED me out, physically and emotionally! I’m feeling extra strong in my practice and more clarity in my brain space though, so that’s cool. Friday’s 108 Sun Salutation Celebration was incredible. Better than I could have imagined!!  If you haven’t read about it in my previous post – I recommend! I haven’t read it since I posted it a few days ago, but I remember being SUPER dreamy and la la la all over the place. We all have days like this right?

IMG_7314So I lead my first 108 sun salute practice on Friday and then drove to Nashville to take a yoga workshop with Rachel Brathen, aka yoga_girl, in the Instagram world. I’m not ashamed to say that I had a super fangirl moment when I saw her. I did. She has a trillion followers and rightfully so. She has a “Do not harm, but take no shit” attitude and encourages followers to JUST LOVE. Love through the adversity, love through the challenges and break down the walls of separation between YOU and ME. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition in the yoga world and I don’t get it. There is PLENTY of love and plenty of hungry yoga students to go around. But that’s how it is, we live in a very competitive world!


Anyway, it was incredible. There were 150ish yogis, literally holding each other up. I am grateful to have been a  part of it. Plus, I counted 8 Sun Salutations during the practice that I ABSOLUTELY used towards my 108 for the day!

Then YESTERDAY!!!! Through Peace Learning Center, I visited an “alternative” school aka “school to prison” system. Seriously. This is what they call it! I taught (or tried to teach) yoga sessions all morning to 4 different classes. I was scheduled for 6 classes, but the students were too rowdy (a young boy mistook my deep breathing for “bumping and grinding” and proceeded to demonstrate this said activity to the entire classroom). Ms. Naeemah and JT have a No Tolerance attitude and cut it short and we went out for pancakes and coffee while they filled my ears with so much love for these kids and their mission to bring peace to them and their families. Seriously you guys, yesterday was AWESOME! I have so much to share with you about our discussion and about my experience with these kids. They are KIDS and will someday be ADULTS and they are exposed to more than I could ever imagine.IMG_7409

I’m going back next Monday. Yay! There are metal detectors and policemen all over the place and I have Mama Bear Ms. Naeemah by my side. This women is FIERCE and you would never know it from her sweet and relaxed demeanor. Just don’t cross.

I have been living these last few day’s with a quote, in my head…

Put in effort and then LET GO and enjoy the stretch.

I feel like the first 36 days, I had to put SO. MUCH. EFFORT. into every single day! While I am happy to put in the effort – I also need to stay present. This challenge is a vehicle to share my journey and to share my story (something is screaming inside me to do so), but it is also my personal journey and I need to honor the efforts and LET GO of expectations.

There is so much more that I want to share, but its getting late and I still have salutations to do so I’m signing off for now!

Thanks for reading!

PS how cute are these girls?! One may be a boy... hens aren't suppose to crow
PS how cute are these girls?! One may be a boy… hens aren’t suppose to crow