Day 20-21: Slight Road Block

So I’ve been fighting what seems to be a chest cold for the past 2 days and today it decided to come at me full force. I took the morning off, and started to feel better but then it came back and I’m hacking and sniffling and fighting a low grade fever.

I did manage to get through all 108 Sun Salutations. They looked very different today than they usually do. What normally takes me two hours or so, took much MUCH longer. With each forward fold, I felt like there was a tidal wave inside my skull. I’ll spare you the details. I was really excited to introduce Peace Learning Center and all their incredible programs they offer our great city, but the salutations took up any extra time that I may have had today so this will have to wait for a later post. Hopefully tomorrow!

I am leaving for San Diego early Friday morning to visit one of my very dearest friends and so I HAVE to get this bug out of my system STAT. It’s 8:30pm and still light outside and I am tucking myself into bed with a  warm cup of my favorite nourishing milk! I don’t mind going to bed with the sun still peaking over the horizon – it makes me feel like it’s SUMMER!!

This Ayurvedic milk is so nourishing and so loving to your immune system. I often will drink it in the cold winter months or those nights when I’m not quite hungry but I know that I need SOMETHING in my belly. Enjoy! Let me know what you think x


Nourishing Milk:

8oz warm milk, milk substitute

You can always eat the spices left at the bottom of the saucepan, or strain out the bits for a less chunky drink!

1t Cardamom

1t Cinnamon

1t Tumeric

1t Freshly grated ginger

Simmer milk with all the spices for 3-5 minutes, making sure to not scald the milk. Pour through a strainer or cheese cloth into  favorite coffee mug. Enjoy!

*my FAVORITE milk to use, when I have it, is Unpasteurized milk. Much more on the benefits of unpasteurized milk on a later post!