Day 19: Need More YIN!

Yesterday was a half way point through my first 36 days – it sort of scares me how fast this challenge is going! While I have noticed a few changes in my body and psyche that need some love, I also have noticed areas of improvement with an increase in my strength and stamina and I catch myself being more mindful throughout my day during those “in between” moments where I am not doing my Sun Salutations. Plus, my digestion has really kicked it up a notch which is BEYOND great! I’ve struggled with a sluggish digestion since before college – No Bueno.


While I have done more Sun Salutations these past couple weeks than I have combined in the 8 years prior, I have also practiced more YIN yoga than ever before. I would consider YIN to be the EXACT opposite of my Sun Salutations challenge, which is precisely why I am adding it to my routine whenever I can as a way to balance all the movement and heat from the salutations. To give you a little perspective, a typical 60 minute YIN yoga class may only consist of 5 or 6 poses, where in my salutation challenge, it is constant movement.

The aftermath of a YIN yoga practice. A room FULL of cushy cushions and props to help support you while you melt into each posture x

I am falling more and more in love with the restorative and grounding benefits of YIN and I’m excited to share more of this with YOU. Tonight, I taught my first private YIN yoga session and I loved every minute of it. It felt like such a gift to slow down, truly focus on the breath and it’s passageways and listen to the sweet little birdies singing outside my window. I will be incorporating YIN into each of my 108 Sun Salute classes that I do on April 24th, May 30th and July 5th. I will also be opening my schedule the third week of April, where I will be teaching more private yoga sessions and small group clients. Email or call if you would like more information or would like to schedule!

in a YIN workshop that I attended at Cityoga a few weeks ago, it was explained beautifully that MUSCLES are like elastic in that they stretch and return (presumably without harm) to their original state. Fascia, tendons and ligaments are more similar to PLASTIC in that they cannot be moved quickly or sharply or they will break or snap. However, if you take a plastic spoon, for instance, and SLOWLY bend the plastic, it will eventually move and mold to where you want it. YIN benefits the plastic-like tendons and ligaments that are often ignored and with overuse will cause injury to the muscles and bones it is connected to. By holding a pose for 3-5 mins, your body is allowed to ease into the pose at a mindful rate that is most beneficial for maximum benefits and pliability of these fascia. And when I say that you are holding a pose for 3-5 minutes, think Childs Pose or Reclined Twist – nothing crazy. There are very little, if any, YIN poses where you are on your feet. You are either laying down or in a seated variation.

So there you have it. I will be talking more YIN in the coming months, I encourage you to try it out! It is the perfect equalizer to our rush rush busy lifestyles!

I hope that you are all well!

Today, my practice consisted of 36 Sun Salutations before breakfast, 36 mid-day and the remaining 36 were very slow and deliberate after my session with my client. Even my Sun Salutations were balanced today!!