Day 12-15: PITTA Explosions

I’ve been a little silent and have deliberately taken a break from “screen time”. With all these sun salutations, I have noticed a significant increase in my Pitta ie my fire. In Ayurveda philosophy every body type is categorized into 3 different doshas and each dosha has certain traits that when in balance, serves the individual and when out of balance creates disfunction and undesirable characteristics. The three doshas are Kapha, Pitta and Vata and while most people have a dominant dosha, everyone has traits of all three. I am mainly Pitta and depending on the season, more Kapha and Vata.

More on this later.

my first actual SUN salute! Hello Spring!!

Earth elements of Pitta are fire and water,  and when in balance, a person has characteristics of being fun and playful, intelligent and they are often on point with what they want ie they are clear with their intentions and you wont have to wonder what a Pitta person is thinking and they tend to be very goal oriented. Pitta is also in charge of digestion in the body and is responsible for absorption of not only food but intellectual and spiritual absorption. When Pitta is high and off balance, this can create aggressive and competitive traits. It can cause a person to become angry, jealous and brood hatred quickly. A person with a Pitta imbalance tends to “burn the candle at both ends” and become fatigued easily.

These Sun Salutations are meant to increase your agni, or fire ie Pitta. Do you see where I am going with this? And while my digestion is becoming stronger, which is GREAT to my usual sluggish system, I am turning into a raging fiery lunatic. It’s weird. The other day I was by myself and got so angry at God knows what, I SLAMMED my pantry door as hard as I possibly could. I wasn’t satisfied with THAT slam, so I opened the door and SLAMMED it shut again! I momentarily turned into my angsty teenage self of younger years. I was crazy PISSED. I forget what made me so mad, I think I burned myself or something. Which makes sense – more heat. More FIRE. Regardless, I was completely irrational and irate and I am having more and more of these raging moments. Not my usual style. If you know me at all, you know that I usually have an even temperament to the point where I know I annoy others with my lack of Get Up and Go and lackadaisical approach to most situations. But not lately. I have a short fuse, as my mom would say, and I have become much more irritable and get frustrated easily. At the silliest of things.

Not a recommended or sustainable food source, but mine nonetheless

I knew of the risk of this happening. I didn’t start this challenge all willy nilly. I sat with it for a while before committing and then took a few months to research and condition my body to be able to withstand the increase of a such a powerful and strenuous practice. I also am aware that I have to pay notice to not only my actual Sun Salutation practice, but all the moments in between. That’s where I’ve struggled. Not only have I increased my Pitta by doing over 1,500 Sun Salutations in 14 days, but I’m only getting an average of 5hrs worth of sleep at night and therefore drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. My usual is 2-3 cups of coffee a week. I’m also eating a lot of Grab and Go foods and have spent a lot more time looking at a computer screen. All Pitta inducing behaviors.

IMG_5908But nobody wants a raging bitch for a yoga teacher, so I dunked my fiery ass into a hot lavender bath and I’ve taken a moment away from my screen. My sleep, coffee and food schedule still sucks but last week was the last of my 12hr days at the dental office, and I will have more flexibility with my schedule and a little more time to care for those “in between moments”. I will just have to really really really focus on my time management. Something that has always been a struggle for me. This however, is a major reason that I have taken on this challenge. To not only raise money to fund my trip to India where I will complete my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy, but to pay notice to the areas of my Self that are weak and that are strong and find ways to balance it all out. If I don’t, I’ll explode. Quite literally.

If you are interested in knowing more about doshas and if you are curious as to what your composition is, there is a great little test on Deepak Chopra’s website at

To get a true reading on your doshas, where they not only look at your body shape and personality traits, but also read your pulse. look at your eyes, tongue etc you’ll want to find an Ayurvedic practitioner in your area.

If you found any of this information useful or relevant or you are just bemused by my raging yogi antics, please visit my campaign page and send a little love offering. Every dollar makes a HUGE difference and brings me closer to my goals and I would be forever grateful!

Thanks so much and here’s to calmer more balanced days!