Day 11: Rambles

It was 10:00 before I got home from work, did my chicken chores (that sounds ridiculous) and showered – and I still had 70+ salutations to do. I squeaked in my Salutations before midnight, I have coping mechanisms that involve being extra mindful during these pm salutations and burning a lot of Palo Santo.  Sorry for the lame ass post but this is it. It’s past midnight and I need to get to sleep.


Oh and I got to see my gorgeous new-mama friend and her sweet baby. Her little one COULD NOT be any cuter! She is the reason I did not get any salutations competed during lunch and I couldn’t be happier with that life decision.

I am fully committed to this project. I promise. Blogging was suppose to be a daily part of this, but who really needs that? On days like today and when I need to choose blogging over salutations and snuggling a baby – the blog will always go down.

I however, am in the mood to share and I can’t even explain nor am I trying to figure out why – it’s just what is going to happen. But I’m going to have to ease into it. And somedays I will probably only talk about chickens. Because they are cute and I love them.

speaking of... the chicken politics in my backyard this weekend were ON point
speaking of… the chicken politics in my backyard this weekend were ON point

If there is something in particular that you would like me to write about or if you have a question about yoga or some of the health stuff that I have went through and tried – please don’t hesitate to share. I am in the process of writing a series of blog posts to answer a good friend of mine’s question “Why is yoga good for you”. It’s going to require a “series”. I’m going to break it down for you! Literally, step by step.

Ok, good night.