Day 8 – 10: Let it GO (is this a Frozen song?)

Friday was hard. Like really hard. I had a total mental breakdown for no apparent reason in the middle of the afternoon while folding laundry. I can’t be the only one this has happened to, right? I’m still trying to process my hissy fit but in the mean time I realize that these pressures that I have placed on myself, I can just as easily take some away.

The magnitude of this project is starting to become real and while I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing, my main focus is completing these salutations and getting through my day with some sanity.

So on Friday, after feeling completely overwhelmed and almost canceling on Matt’s dinner with his family – I got my priorities straight. Took a deep breath. And met the family for dinner where I could feel myself starting to relax. Afterward, we binge watched Aziz Ansari stand-up while I finished my last salutations and then crashed on the couch. It was exactly what I needed. Love followed by copious amounts of belly laughs. No blogging.

Lady’s Man.

We woke up on Saturday and had donuts for breakfast and thrift shopped all morning where I scored a World Traveler Schwinn fixer upper at an estate sale and Matt brought home an organ. The one that has ivory keys. I did a few salutations. Came back to Indy. Finished my salutations. And then had WAY OVERDUE girl time with a soul sister. Again, no blogging.

Oh yea, and I had a 3hr YIN yoga workshop yesterday too. That was cool. I’m excited to share this super restorative and MAGNIFICENT practice with you. Later.

Today, Joey and I went for coffee and now he’s chicken-watching in the backyard while I try to catch up on missing posts and life in general. This is what I was suppose to do on Friday, but couldn’t. I’m feeling much more focused and motivated now that I have taken the pressure off. Lesson learned.

My number one goal with this challenge is to complete my 108 sun salutations and still function with everyday stuffs. While blogging and sharing is something that I enjoy doing, it is also something that I will choose to cut out of my daily activities when needed. Such as next weekend when I am home with my family for Easter. I am working hard on STAYING IN THE PRESENT and this is something that is strengthening with each sun salute. Being with my family, getting donuts and taking time to rejuvenate is a large part of this.

I double dog dare you.
I double dog dare you.

Plus, who really needs to hear from me every single day?! Seriously.

But you will be hearing a lot of me, as I have a lot of things that I am excited to share with you! Recipes, yoga trivia, chicken updates, love, Love and more LOVE!

Stay tuned and thanks again for all your support and understanding through this. I’m still finding my rhythm and it’s been great so far!

I challenge you to take a look at your everyday and notice things that you could cut out. What is REALLY important? What can you say NO to? We live in a society where we are constantly on the GO and I’m as guilty as the next person. A lot of things on my To Do list is really not important. I’m highlighting the TRULY IMPORTANT things and if there is space and time for the extras, I will cross them off my list too.

I’m learning that saying NO to unnecessary tasks leaves more space to enjoy the things that fill you up and bring you light.

Anyone know of a good Schwinn bike repair shop in Indy?

Happy Sunday folks, I hope you all had a productive and love filled weekend!