Day 5: Fuel


I found myself going on a sugar binge today. I ate a gazillion of these SMARTIES and then pigged out on Pirate’s Booty puffed corn later. Ooops.

I’m subbing for a friend who is on maternity leave and the dental hours are from 7-7p which means very little “prep time” on these two days. My stomach growls in hunger about every 2 hours and I’m not quite used to this yet.

I’m trying to be super conscious of what I am putting into my body so that I am properly fueled, but these long days and no weekend to prep has left me stuffing my face with whatever is available! Luckily, I have been able to start each day with a super power packed smoothie, so regardless of how the rest of the day goes – I start off on the right foot!!

Fortunately, we get an hour and a half for lunch and today, I managed to complete 60 rounds of Surya Namaskar variations. These Sun Salutations are starting to feel like an extension of me and my day. Although some days are hard to get them in, I am really enjoying the challenge of finding time each and every day to be on my mat. This is a time of day that is dedicated to me and my wellness and that is something that I have not taken time to do in a while. After going to the store and stocking up on all things vegetables, I finished my final 48 at home with Joey.


Weeks ago, I scheduled tomorrow off – knowing myself enough to know that I would probably be feeling overwhelmed by day 6, especially after two twelve-hour dental hygiene days. Surprisingly, I’m not as overwhelmed as I thought I may be. Maybe it’s the salutations, maybe it’s just knowing that I have scheduled an entire day to catch up or maybe it’s the grace that I am allowing myself when it comes to these blog posts. My priority in this challenge, is to get all 108 salutations completed by the end of each day. This means that I have to be conscious of all the “in between” times and take care of my wellbeing and this may require sacrifice when it comes to posting on here. I’m confident that this is only an adjustment period.

I have so many things that I am excited to share with you on here and so many things that have yet to manifest!

It’ll also make a big difference when this maternity leave gig is over and next week is my last week! For as thankful as I am to have had all these extra hours, I will also be happy to have more space to create and share my passion!

I appreciate your patience and grace and all the support you have shown me xx You guys are why I am here. You, and my desire to manifest more wellness and consciousness in my everyday. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Grumpy McGrumperpants has no idea that I scheduled tomorrow off from work 😏 These 12hr Hygiene days are catching up to the both of us x

Namaste x

(the light within me, honors the light within you – namaste)