Green Solutions

I am delighted to share my “secret recipes” with you and I hope that you find contentment knowing they are 100% C H E M I C A L  FREE  and  S U P E R  EFFECTIVE  in cleaning your home! I think it is so important to use non-toxic solutions when cleaning. Not only does this protect you and your loved ones from harsh chemicals, but these solutions will not contaminate our water and air. Providing a healthier environment for you and helping to spread love to our neighbors and our glorious Mother Nature. Everyone wins!

Below is my magic All Purpose Solution that I literally use as an ALL-purpose i.e. dusting, countertops, showers, sinks, cabinets, fingerprints on walls. Basically, EVERYTHING. It is a super effective grease cutter, while being gentle enough to use on wood finished furniture. There are however, a few exceptions. Because of the vinegar, you do NOT want to clean any natural surfaces such as GRANITE or MARBLE. The vinegar will eventually “etch” the surface, leaving a dull finish. I’ve also learned that porus surfaces, such as limestone and non-ceramic tiles in showers etc may develope a white film due to the Borax. This will wash off, but who wants a filmy shower? In this case, I use Mild Soap.    (recipes follow)


All Purpose Solution:

  • 1/8 C Pure Castile Soap
  • 1 T Vinegar
  • 1 t Borax
  • 16 oz Filtered hot water


  • Heat filtered water in a kettle (warm water insures that the Borax dissolves properly)

PRO TIP: use FILTERED water to reduce lime and mineral build-up on cleaning surfaces …the very thing you are trying to clean from surfaces!



  • Mix castile soap, Borax and warm water
  • THEN add vinegar

PRO TIP: DO NOT add vinegar directly to the castile soap – you will get a gross curdling effect that will clog your sprayer.


My preferred castile soap is from Dr Bronner. Not only are Dr Bronner’s soaps super effective, but they are Organic, Fair-Trade and rate a 7.9 on AND they are easily found at your local health food store, Target, Meijer and select pharmacies.

Just look in the beauty section!

Mild Soap: Use on all natural surfaces such as granite, marble, limestone – and works great on stainless steal sinks!

  • 1/8 C Pure Castile Soap
  • 16oz Filtered water

Mix. Spray. Enjoy.


One more SUPER EASY and SUPER EFFECTIVE cleaning solution for GLASS and STAINLESS STEAL …

  • Club Soda

That’s right, club soda. It works brilliantly! Club soda doesn’t streak, and if your kids and/or pets are prone to licking windows – no worries!


Happy Cleaning!