Commercial Cleaning Products & GoodGuide

If making your own cleaning solutions does not appeal to you and you would rather buy off the shelf products, I encourage you to check out GoodGuide with their database of over 250,000 product reviews. 

Companies use marketing words such as “eco-friendly” “non-toxic” and “green” to promote healthier options. While these products may be more conscious than other products who do not claim to have these qualities, you may be surprised to hear the FDA does not require companies to list all ingredients on cleaning products. This means that no matter how careful and conscious you are with your purchases, without researching each and every product, you do not actually know what is in each bottle.

GoodGuide scientists rate products on a 0-10 scale based on their health, environment and social impact. The overall score for a product is an average of the above three scores. The best products rate 8 or above; the worst rate 4 or below. They do the research for you, insuring that you are well informed as to which commercial products to bring into your home.

My favorite feature of GoodGuide is their mobile app option. This app allows you to scan thousands of brands right in the store! Not only cleaning solutions, but beauty products, food, paper products, OTC medications and creams and a wide variety of baby and kid products! All you have to do is scan the barcode and you immediately know where your product rates.